Tuesday, 1 March 2011


“Isn’t cookies good for health?”
This is the issue which play in the mind of today's society. So, the Soley-Soley Best Cookies Sdn.Bhd has been taken the action to prove the best perception and throw out all the bad perception of public about cookies since the first again. As we can see about past 2 years ago, several families whose children have developed Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome (HUS) after contracting E. coli O157:H7 from Nestle cookie dough and HUS affects the kidneys.


The Soley-Soley Best Cookies sdn.bhd background....
Our business has been take place in the market since early January 2011 as smaller business. Basically, our business named Soley-Soley Best Cookies Sdn.Bhd start with some of a business function. There are our organizational charts:

Firstly, our top leader is Mr. Mohamad Aswadi bin Mohd Ariffin as CEO that controls all the management in our company organization. Secondly, our manager in Financial department is Mr. Mohd Shah Nazrin bin Arnuar which handle all the flows of money in our company including the profit and expanses since this company established. Next, Mr. Mohd Faizal bin Mazlami take a position as manager in Production department which control all the flows of the raw materials to the finished goods (input to output). Then, our manager that control all the uses of information technology in our company is Mr. Hasnoraimi Haris bin Hasnan as a Chief Information Officer (CIO) with helping of Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Chief Security Officer (CSO), Chief Privacy Officer (CPO) and Chief Knowledge Officer (CKO) and the last of our manager is Mr. Muhammad Khairol Azam bin Roslan which organize and control all the procedure of selling our goods including deliver the products to the end customer in Marketing departments.

This is the best month which our company have been successfully established our business based on via online a blog. This is the first step we take in running our business. Maybe someday we could launch our company building as the headquarters if we get many supports from the customer outside.

Actually, the main products of our company are cookies. Maybe people feel weird why this product we choose as our main business. We just want to destroy all the perception about cookies above with produce the cookies using fruits flavour. We want to prove the natural of cookies actually. The cookies that we produce are including many types over the world. The mostly important thing is Halal of our cookies from the ingredients which combination of herbs, process to finish goods and marketing. Mostly our cookies have been named 1 MALAYSIA COOKIES since our Prime Minister has launched the intention of 1 Malaysia in starting our life as a united people regardless of race or religion.   

The payment & ordering mode

Furthermore, we focussing the strategy broad market cost leadership which all people can support our product by buying in low cost. In short, our market is not only just for Muslim but also for other religion that health conscious in their daily lives. Besides that, we also have made  the options for payment mode which through cash on delivery or credit card. Next, we also have provided many mode of ordering for the customers which by blog, our fan page in the facebook, sms, telephone call, e-mail and fax.

Detail account e-payment : Soleycookies Sdn. Bhd. 
                                               MAYBANK - 102012786654
                                               BIMB         - 22887566463566

Contact us:                  
                                      : 05-4841432
                                      : 05-4841433(FAX)
                                      : 013-4703672
                                      : 017-5565312

After you bank in, please make sure you send us your NAME, ADDRESS, TIME OF PAYMENT, DATE OF PAYMENT, BANK THAT YOU USE, NO. of ORDER. We use POSLAJU MALAYSIA as our courier and we are guaranteed that you will receive your item in THREE days. A GOOD PURCHASE ARE NOT RETURNABLE.

Lastly, we as Malaysian and stay together to create the unity between us whether different races and religion, let joins us and support our products and you all have rendered by increasing our economy today towards 1 Malaysia.

The types of Soley-Soley Best Cookies Sdn.Bhd products

*'UCOP PANDAN' cookies was mixed through with pandan flavour 
*Rm 25 for each jar/100 pcs
*Product code: SS001

*'CUTE ANNOYING ORANGE' cookies was mixed with fresh orange fruit and flavour
*Rm 25 for each jar/100 pcs
*Product code: SS002

*'SWEET GRAPE' cookies was mixed with fresh grape fruit flavour
*Rm 28 for each jar/150 pcs
*Product code: SS003

*'WATERMELON FROSTY' cookies was mixed with sweet watermelon flavour and covered  with watemelon shape on the top of cookies
*Rm 25 for each jar/100 pcs
*Product code: SS004

*'DRAGON FRUIT' cookies was mixed with vanilla cream and delicious dragon fruit
*Rm 25 for each jar/100 pcs
*Product code: SS005

*'PAPAYA LICIOUS' cookies was mixed with blended papaya fruit
*Rm 20 for each jar/100 pcs
*Product code: SS006

*'HAWAIAN LEMON' cookies with lemon fruit flavour
*Rm 24 for each jar/100 pcs
*Product code: SS007

*'DURIAN MALAYSIAN SPECIAL' cookies was mixed with sweet durian fruit flovour
*Rm 25 for each jar/150 pcs
*Product code:SS008

*'BANANA CRANCHY' cookies was mixed with banana fruit flavour
*Rm 20 for each jar/100 pcs
*Product code: SS009

*'APPLE PIE' cookies was covered with apple flavour on the top of this cookies
*Rm 25 for each jar/130 pcs
*Product code: SS010

*'STRAWBERRY OREO' cookies was covered with fresh strawberry fruit flavour and vanilla cream
*Rm 28 for each jar/90 pcs
*Product code: SS011

*'GREEN KIWI TASTE' cookies is covered with tasty kiwi fruit
*Rm 20 for each jar/150 pcs
*Product code: SS012